January 24, 2014

Germany - Rhine

This postcard was sent by Hanna! It's a map about the famous river Rhine (or Rhein, in german), with 1233 km lenght, one of main rivers in Europe, important for commerce and transportation, and the main cities on its riverbank. It flows into North Sea, in the city of Rotterdam, which is located the largest European seaport. The vines occupying the slopes, peaceful villages and the forty castles are the summary of the romantic Rhine landscape. In 2002, the region between Bingen/Rüdescheim and Bonn was declared a Unesco World Heritage.

Belarus - The Catholic Church of Simon and Alena

I've received this one from Veronika! The postcard shows the Catholic Church of Simon and Alena, a neo-romanesque church, also known as Red Church, located in the Independence Square, at the city of Minsk (Belarus's capital) and built in the beggining of XX century. Simon and Alena are the names of man's children who financed the building; Alena was a very ill girl. Before death, the angel in her dream showed this church; the girl drew it and, in memory of daughter, the father ordered to build the church according her drawing.

Thailand - Pileh Bay Phi Phi

Tokyo Ska sent to me this postcard! It shows the Pileh Bay Phi Phi, located in Krabi province, south Thailand. This is an amazing place, I've read that many considere it one of most beautiful beaches, or even the most beautiful place, of Thailand. It's a paradise beach in the turquoise waters surrounded by high boulders.

USA - Golden Gate Bridge

This postcard was sent Helmuts! It shows one of most famous bridges in the world, the Golde Gate Bridge, located in California (west USA), connects San Francisco to Sausalito and it has 2737 m. Constructed between 1933 and 1937 during the depths of the Great Depression across a strait many considered impossible to span, the Golden Gate Bridge is an icon of design and engineering, an internationally known symbol of American ingenuity and the centerpiece of the Golden Gate National Parks.


I've received this one from Kristina! She lives in Saratov, a city on the riverbank Volga. Well, I think this is almost a pin-up, a discrete one.