November 22, 2013

Starry Night - Van Gogh

This one came from Arnold! He lives in USA. It shows the "Starry Night", by Van Gogh, my favorite painting, which was painted in 1889.

Czech Republic - Dancing House

This postcard was sent by Krstýna! It shows the...

November 21, 2013

Netherlands - Amsterdam

I've received this multi-view from Veronique! She wrote me this postcard on Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Philippines - Vigan Heritage Village

I've received this "colonial" postcard from Jomanne! With his amazing handwriting, he told me about...

November 19, 2013

Landscape with Dark Sky - Van Gogh

This postcard was sent by Magdalena, from Czech Republic! She lives in Breclav, in south, close to Austria and Slovakia. It shows a...

November 15, 2013

South Korea - Seoraksan

I've received this postcard from Yunjae! It shows the Seoraksan Mountain, the highest of Taebaek Mountain Rage, with 1708 metres, the third highest mountain in South Korea.

November 13, 2013

USA - About countries and Green Lantern

These amazing postcards were sent by the friendly Michaela! She lives in Alexandria, Virginia state of USA and she told me about her life, it's was very nice. Well, these postcards...

November 12, 2013

Philippines - Manila Bay

This postcard was sent by my friend Joseph! It shows a sunset in Manila, Philippines's capital.

La Primavera - Sandro Botticelli

I've received this postcard from Nina! She lives in the Lake of Costance, in Germany, which...


This popular image was sent by Katrien!

Argentina - Southern Right Whale

This postcard was sent by Ailin! It shows the famous whale there, in Patagonia.

November 8, 2013

Greece - Astypalea

Another postcard from Niki! This one shows the...

Russia - Maslenitsa

This postcard was sent by Liza! She's 14 years old and live in Chernushka (a small town, with 40000 residents). It shows the...

November 7, 2013

Moving Camp

This postcard came from Australia, and it was sent by Joanne, from Canberra! It shows a...

November 6, 2013