January 19, 2014

Chile - Valparaíso

This amazing and big postcard was sent by Hernán! It shows Valparaíso, which looks like an amphitheater facing the Bay of Valparaíso in the Pacific Ocean; he has heard that there're 45 hills there, each with a name (like a neighborhood), so the city is full of stairs, some of them are so popular that have names such as Escalera Serrano and Ascensor Cordillera; he told me that the fare of these funicular railways are cheap.


  1. Hi, Davi! I'm glad you received my postcard! By the way, this illustration is by a French artist who fell in love with Valparaíso and decided to settle in this port. His nickname is LoroCoirón. He released a series of postcards about daily life in Valparaíso,

    1. Hey Hernán, thank you for your information!!
      I didn't know this artist; I've heard he still lives in Valparaíso, is this right? And about this paintings, I've seen that some of your postcards you've posted on Postcrossing group are from him. So cool!! haha


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