January 4, 2014

Chile - Viejo Pascuero dancing La Cueca

This funny card was sent by Hernán! You can see on it the Viejo Pascuero (how the Santa Claus is known in Chile) dancing La Cueca, the national dance of Chile, with his reindeer, and the Chile flag on the bottom; Hernán told me that Cueca songs are cheerful. You can check a bit of this typical dance from him country here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvGURVqOmH0 (I don't know the dance, then I hope that is right).


  1. Davi, that song on Youtube is right: It's called "El Marinero" and it's one of the most popular cuecas in Chile. Thank you for posting my card!!!

    1. Hey Hernán, thank you so much for telling me!! And, of course I'd post your card, it's so cool!


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